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Meet Michael Soliz, Jr. – Whole Loan Acquisition and Fund Strategy

Michael founded 1 Oak Advisory in 2012 with a two-fold goal: to establish the firm as a specialized second mortgage trader, and to represent the nation’s largest specialized buyer of performing second mortgages. Currently, he is responsible for the overall execution of fund strategy, with an emphasis on whole loan acquisition, operations, loss mitigations and financing.Meet Michael Soliz, Jr. – Whole Loan Acquisition and Fund Strategy

Michael’s career began in 1999 as a loan officer specializing in subprime mortgage origination and he managed his own net branch of Dove Capital 3 years later. He had also managed FCI Exchange, the online whole loan trading platform for FCI Lender Services, for 2 years prior to founding 1 Oak Advisory. In total, Michael’s leadership lead to $100 million in originations and sub-prime First and Second mortgages and $200 million in whole loan trades across three positions.

Meet Michael Kramer – Business Operations and Fund Strategy

Michael joined 1 Oak advisory in 2017. His experience includes an additional 4 years in the mortgage note industry before joining our firm, 15 years each of loan origination and real estate property management and two years of insurance sales. He co-owned an independent branch office of American Residential Funding, Inc. called The Kramer Team and manages a personal family portfolio of 20 units in 4 states. Michael uses his expertise to manage our business operations: document handling and preparation, payables and receivables, borrower support, and developing key vendor relationships that facilitate our business model and expedite deal flow.

Together, Michael Soliz and Michael Kramer work to fulfill 1 Oak Advisory’s successful business model. To learn more about 1 Oak Advisory, call our office.

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