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Purchase, Manage, and Execute: The Secondary Market’s Buyer of Defaulted Residential Second Mortgages

1 Oak Advisory (“1 Oak”) is a California investment firm which specializes in the buying and managing of delinquent second mortgages throughout the United States. Our “win-win” collection philosophy has become the staple of our investment strategy, resulting in our ability to successfully produce sustainable long-term cash flow.

As a buyer, our primary goal is to establish the firm’s name and reputation as the secondary market’s leading buyer of this specialized asset class.

Our asset management team has more than a decade of securing, negotiating, and closing on defaulted mortgages. Our sellers agree that our underwriting capabilities proved productive when it came to addressing issues upfront rather than dealing with their portfolio. We understand what touch is needed in order to close the most complex deals

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Seasoned Buyer of Defaulted Mortgages

Lean More about Our Asset Management Team

1 Oak was founded by experts in the loan origination, whole loan trading, and asset management industries. With more than 20 years of experience, they founded our firm to become the nation’s leading buyer of distressed residential second mortgages. 1 Oak has become a market maker and industry advocate for the curing of these delinquent assets. Contact us to learn more.

Why Us?

  • Trusted
  • Seasoned
  • Well-financed
  • Transparent
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